Test For Body Fluids

In most cases, 25 % of sexual assaults happen in children under the age of 16 and the perpetrator in most cases will be a family member. In such situations, it is not DNA that is under dispute but the type of body fluids. There are different procedures and methods to analyze and identify the type of body fluids but most of them are insensitive.

Lugol’s Staining Test

Lugol’s Staining is a test to screen vaginal secretions. Vaginal secretions are identified by the large concentration of glycogenated cells. Vaporized iodine turns the polysaccharide in these cells brown. Glycogenated cells are also found in oral and anal secretions but at very low concentrations. Vaginal secretions have a higher quantity of glycogenated cells about 10%.

Edelman Test

Edelman test is a fluorescent based test to analyze the fecal matter. Urobilinogen is a bile pigment excreted in feces and it reacts with alcoholic mercuric and zinc chloride, amyl alcohol to produce green fluorescent color, can be visualized in UV light. Feces could also be screened using the microscopic examination.

Urea-Nitrogen Tube Test

The Urea-Nitrogen tube test is a presumptive test that utilizes urease and break down urine to ammonia. Urine has a very high concentration of urea. The breakdown into ammonia is characterized by a deep blue color.

Jaffe Test

Jaffe test is used to analyze urine. Urine has a high concentration of creatinine. Picric acid will react with creatinine forming a red compound.

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