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Future trends in Forensic Biology

Forensic Science has been expanded today with various molecular biology discoveries and technological advances. Numerous methods adopted by forensic laboratories includes Polymerase Chain Reaction, Fragment Analysis, Software systems and automatic liquid handling methods. Progression of sanger sequencing, Next Generation sequencing, mitochondrial analysis are the widely accepted technologies and tools for solving criminal cases. Beyond Finger … Future trends in Forensic Biology Read More »

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Phenol chloroform Extraction

Phenol Chloroform Extraction is a method used for extracting DNA from blood stains and liquid blood. Bloodstains or liquid blood are placed in a centrifuge tube. The stain extraction buffer (salts, detergents, buffer,10mm tris,100 mm NaCl, 39Mm Dithioreitol (DTT) ,10 Mm EDTA, 2% SDS (sodium dodecyl sulfate) is added. Salts and detergents help solubilize cell … Phenol chloroform Extraction Read More »

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Non human DNA Testing

Human DNA has a very significant role in crime scene investigation by bringing the culprit in front of justice and in exonerating the innocent. Domestic animals such as cats and dogs living in human habitat deposit hairs can aid in finding the suspect related to a crime. The botanical specimen found in the victim’s body … Non human DNA Testing Read More »

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