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Multiplex PCR

Multiplex PCR is a widespread molecular biology technique widely used in Short Tandem Repeat and Single Nucleotide Polymorphism analysis. Multiplex PCR is a polymerase chain reaction in which multiple DNA templates can be amplified by using multiple primer pairs in a single reaction. The method was first described in 1988 to detect deletions in dystrophin … Multiplex PCR Read More »

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Quantitative PCR

Quantitative PCR  (Real-time PCR) is a molecular biology technique for the amplification of targeted DNA molecules in real-time. Real-time PCR is a recently developed technique by Higuchi in 1993. This procedure uses a modified thermal cycler with UV Detector and Charged couple device (CCD) camera. The procedure measures the amount of amplicon produced in each … Quantitative PCR Read More »

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Short Tandem Repeats (Microsatellite)

The human genome is full of repeated DNA sequences, occurs usually 5-50 times. The repeated sequences come in various sizes (6-10 bp in length) and are known as Short Tandem Repeats or Microsatellites. STR occurs at thousands of locations in an organism’s genome. STR is widely used in cancer diagnosis, paternity testing and in forensic … Short Tandem Repeats (Microsatellite) Read More »

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