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RestFul API Parameters Implementation

In this section, we will be describing the RESTFUL API Parameters implementation like Query param and Path params which are most commonly used across the projects. Each method has its unique features and functionalities. If you want to learn how to create a simple Rest application, please find from the below video.   Now, Let’s … RestFul API Parameters Implementation Read More »

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Merkle Tree Hashing in Blockchain

In my previous post, I explained how the P2P network makes blockchain to be the most efficient technology. In 1979 Ralph Merkle created and patented one of the most relevant and optimized data-structure modifications combining a hash-list and a binary tree. Merkle trees are the basic fundamental of blockchain structure, It is used to make … Merkle Tree Hashing in Blockchain Read More »

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COVID Bot – How Bots help cope with pandemics!

In my last couple of posts, I explained some basics of a chatbot, in this segment, I am deviating a bit to address the pandemic situation and how bots help in overcoming the same and improving workplace efficiency and achieve digital transformation. Not just COVID, take any pandemic/epidemic/natural disaster, one key constant in all of … COVID Bot – How Bots help cope with pandemics! Read More »

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