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Returning to Nature

People’s outlook has been changing day by day. Majority of them are seeking to improve their quality of life. The focus is mainly on disease prevention. Medicinal plant consumption is increasing day by day in different countries due to its proven effectiveness in scientific societies and acceptance by human societies to a great extend. The … Returning to Nature Read More »

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First use of Forensic DNA Testing

Colin Pitchfork was the first convicted murderer and rapist found using DNA typing. He was caught as a result of mass DNA screening. Pitchfork lived in a village in the county of Leicestershire, England. He was working in Hampshires Bakery until he was arrested for the crimes. In 1983, Lynda Mann was sexually assaulted and … First use of Forensic DNA Testing Read More »

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Steps in DNA Sample Processing

Overview and History of Forensic DNA profiling

History of Forensic DNA profiling In August 1999, a young student at the University of Virginia student was sexually assaulted and raped after pointing a gun at her by the assailant. The things inside the house were stolen. The girl was asked to have a shower by the assailant so that any trace of evidence … Overview and History of Forensic DNA profiling Read More »

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